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Mar 5, 2014
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Ok so I'm a level 2 nvq qualified in Dec 2014.... before this I've been doing hair extenison for a few years. I've just started a self employed placement at a newly opened salon. I'm over the moon I got the job as I did do a trial but was convinced I wouldn't get it. Any way now I've started I still feel miles apart from the other people working there and I'm probably making silly mistakes on people's hair as im so aware of this. Now all my clients are giving me tips and are walking away happy, so why do I feel so unconfident in my abilities?? I also can't do mens hair at the moment so any men / boy hair cuts I can't help with....

The owner has pointed out today it would have looked better if yiu straightened her hair and I replied I did. So I asked the end of the day about this and what to do differently. He told me I need to send more time finishing peoples hair. I'm so used to doing mobile clients, in salon is just so much harder I think ...
Practice makes perfect, you need to spend time in your finish work and make sure you take your time when doing so. Everything will take time and practice, but you need to try and suggest ways to practice on your clients use them as victims, er ...,volunteers! Suggest they curl their hair so you can try different things with irons. Practice makes perfect, and if you don't know how to do something, go to your manager quietly and ask for help.
I felt same way when I started last year as had been out of hairdressing a few years bar family and friends the odd time and felt really overwhelmed by how much things had changed. Still do tbh but as said above, practice practice practice. Get a couple of dolly heads and try things out. YouTube has loads of stuff to watch too. You will make mistakes but you will learn from them, you,ll have to as it will cost you clients. Watch the other stylists at work too, you will get loads of wee tricks from watching them do their clients.
Finishing the hair well is so important - a client probably won't know if the cut is technically perfect but they will judge it on the final look/ finish.

Confidence is also important, as clients will pick up on this. You should always appear confident in yourself even if you don't feel it.

In my mind the key to real confidence is education, if you keep learning clients will see your passion for your work and love it. Education allows you to believe in your self and your choices. I work for a company that provides eduation but I still also pay for extra courses myself and even after 12 years I will go home and get out my dolls head and practice techniques that I am not confident in or try out new colours on hair swatches. You never stop learning!

I think the most important thing to remember when dealing with clients is that we are on stage all the time. They have come to us for an experiece for about 45 minutes and we have to appear happy, enthusiastic and in contol consistantly every time. It sounds harsh but I really belive that it is true and there is so much competition out there. Clients want to look great but really FEEL fantastic when they leave.

I am not the most chatty extrovert stylist either but I make sure that my clients feel listened too and relaxed and they know that I am giving them 100% of myself.

If you make them happy you will be a happy stylist too ☺. Hope that helps and I'm sure you will get lots of good advice here - the fact that you are posting here shows that you want to become a better stylist and puts you ahead of 90% of other hairdressers! Good luck!!
Thanks for the feedback guys