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Jan 12, 2003
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:oops: Hi everybody - I'm a new comer to this site. I did a home learn Gel course and an Acrylic course with NSI.

Now all I need to know is where can I buy a large bottle of 'Confidence'!!! LOL!!! I just cant muster up enough faith in myself to advertise and get on with nail-teching.

Did many of you start off with so little under your belts - or did you all do many,many long courses first?

Tricks of the trade warmly welcomed - were you able to give an air of confidence to your first clients or were you obviously new at it and extremely nervous and unsure of yourselves?


P.S. Sorry to be such a Wuss!!!
Hi Sue,

The only way to get confident, is to really go for it. Home learning is 'a way' of learning but there's noone to tell you where you are going wrong. You gotta get out there and start gaining expereince - even if it is a few friends who don't mind you practising. Charge less and let people know that you are gaining experience; walk them through what you are doing, this helps you learn and it certainly makes your clients feel more confident in you. So many people think that to do a beautiful set of enhancements is 'easy' and you are realising that there is far more too it than that. To be a true artist, you need to take your time and learn the art of perfecting - don't settle for second best... I don't know how long you have been doing nails, but if it is over 6 months you could go on some of Creative Nail Design's Master classes. You may not become a master tech over night, but they will certainly give you confidence and improve your skill level no end! Education hotline is 0113 275 0433.

Hope some of this helps! ;)
:D I didn't expect such a speedy responce - thanks so much ... fantastic.

I get your drift about home learn - It wasn't for me - which is why for the acrylic course I chose to go to Manchester to NSI ... I needed to have someone watch over me, correct me, steer me in the right direction. I definitely preferred it to home learn.

I dont want to just 'do' nails - I want to know that I'm at least giving a good service. I want to be giving my best.

I suppose I am a little afraid of how to handle it if all clients return within the space of a few days with no nails left in place ... I am a worry guts, and so trying something new like this is causing me grief - even though I do my own nails and they're fine.

I suppose I'll just have to 'go for it' and advertise my services and take a chance.

Thanks for your reply - love the site ... its great.

Glad you like the site - I'm suprised I ever get to see the geek with all the work he does :? . Anyway, when I first started doing nails, I used to walk my clients through everything as it made me aware of each step and helped me not to foget anything! It also did something else.... it informed my clients that they couldn't get away, with a whole lot of 'oh my nail just fell off and I did nothing' stuff... I used explain and say things like "and as you can see, these nails can't possible fall off as I've done etc etc" - they new they couldn't get away with saying what they might have said 'cause I would be able to come back at them with an answer.
Just keep at it - you may want to buy a video to walk you through prep, tip application, sculpting, product application and finishing techniques. I don't know if NSI has anything like that but that could help too! ;)
:D Spoken like your Mothers daughter :D
And by god was she nervous. Baptism by fire was the phrase I used for her.
We havn't looked back and she is the best , hard working little Tech we have.
But then I am biased a she is my daughter 8)
Love Ruth xx

Hi there i was once like you, i had a tough challenge ahead of me as working for someone who has been in the business for six years was nerve racking, i didnt know if i would be able to cope with the clients, do my job well with others watching. I put my all into making it as a nail teck and i am thankful to say that three and a bit years on i still love the job. The main thing is to try to relax as much as you can otherwise your clients will sense you are unsure and thats when they will try to pick faults in things, also try to put yourself across as though you were born to do the job and finally talk to your clients find out where they work where there from and why they decided to have there nails done. It worked for me and i have now got a lot of my regular clients that see me every 2 weeks without fail. Put your all into it and you will be fine.

Dont doubt yourself because others will.
all the best.
faye xXxX
:D ;)
:D Thanks everybody - thought this thread was dead and buried - but it would seem not. Thanks for your advice and concern. I am progressing slowly. But I aim to get there - SOME DAY!!

nailsinlondon2 said:

Dont doubt yourself because others will. :D ;)

Great response Faye - you are sooo right!!! ;)
Nailsinlondon1 said:
:D But then I am biased a she is my daughter 8) Love Ruth xx

Ahh another 'mother / daughter team' - my mum is Gigi or 'Geeg' as the Geek calls her! ;)

Just keep your chin up and keep a positive attitude! I know it's a lot easier said than done, but I believe you must think positive to be positive, and the only way you will ever learn more, or get better and faster is to keep practicing! I am new too, and have just started my first job in a salon. I am dedtermined to get better and to make an awesome reputation for myself, in this industry. I want that, because I love nails, and want to be the best that I can be! So, when you get down or discouraged know that you are not alone. Feel free to email me, and we can keep each other's confidence built up!!! Best of luck to you!
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