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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Maryrose, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. Maryrose
    I've been qualified for 15 years. I'm 50 now. In the past year I have worked with a woman who has knocked me with odd comments about clients who have apparently said things about me. I have mentioned it to the owner who isn't aware of this. I know there have been the odd complaint but no more than anybody else. I'm doing a few more hours soon but I feel very negative about it
  2. ShootingStar
    Looks like that woman is a little bit jealous of your acccomplishments. Jus trudge on with your head held high.
  3. Savannah1
    You mention your age - are the comments age related, or do you think that is issue?

    Next time your colleague says something, I would ask her to please be specific. Who is saying things and what exactly are they saying? And would she like to repeat this in front of your manager. See what she does then! To give her the benefit of the doubt, sometimes things can be taken out of context but even so, if there is an issue then it needs to be dealt with professionally and not via Chinese whispers.

    Good luck :)
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  4. Josie34
    This happened to me. Turned out it was all lies. When people do this, you need to challenge them. Ask them who complained, and what time etc. If someone has genuinely complained, you have a right to know, who, when and why.
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    Anyone watch the series 'The replacement'.......
    It was a 3 part drama, where the 'newbie' arrives, all smiley, helpful, and friendly.......quickly gaining favor with the whole team - bar 1!
    To this team member, she starts by undermining her, picking fault in little things at first, slowly chipping away at her confidence, until she starts to feel really insecure.:oops:
    Eventually the 'newbie', has manipulated the team to such an extent, they all love her, and think she's great! She becomes all powerful, whilst the other woman's life begins to un-ravel!o_O

    I have worked with such a person...and it was very unpleasant at the time.
    She would be kind and complimentary whilst in the company of others - her 'audience'... but when no one was around, she would make cruel, snide comment's - the put downs..... :(

    I was much younger then, and eventually left, before my confidence was completely shot.:eek:

    I suspect the person you are working with is possibly jealous/envious of your position within the salon.....

    Stay strong, and keep focused on keeping your clients happy! ;)
  6. essentia
    If this is a one off, I would ignore it as nonsense. If it is an occurrence, I would ask her outright what was said and by whom saying that you will address any issues. If the clients are saying things, then they are using her instead of directing their concerns to you. Either way it is causing ill feeling and needs to be cleared up. I had a client who when I first took her on started making little comments. After a while I challenged her (in a pleasant way) and she got the message. It is a form of undermining someone and if it continues - nip it in the bud.
  7. Julielb71
    I've had the same thing happen to me. I couldn't believe everyone around me thought my co-worker was all sweetness and light yet she was making my life so difficult. As others have said I'd politely challenge her. Just tell her you're concerned by the number of complaints and you want to deal with them constructively as that's never happened to you before and as a professional with lots of experience you want to give the best possible service. This may be enough. If you're really not enjoying working there it may be time to look elsewhere. X

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