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Jul 27, 2003
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sawasdee ka

I not write this because of anything i read today i write today because i have time .

I have make small study of the use of mma and ema and i still make my study now and this is what i find .

Some of the use of mma is because of lack of education i not know b4 about mma b4 i come geek and i know of others nail tech who come geek same .

Some companys sell monomer with no lables with what is inside the bottle there should be law to stop this all cosmetics should have a lable .

The world Nail Magazines maybe can have senior Nail techs speak in the magazines to teach nail techs who then can pass on the education they learn about mma to other nail techs .

Please beleive me some of the use of mma is not because of greed of nail techs it is the greed of some companys selling mma into the nail industry.

Mui from Thailand
Sawasdee ka

The way to stop mma use is this .

1 Educate nail techs about the use of mma this is number 1 if nail techs dont buy it will put the sellers out of buisness.

2 make it illegal to be used in the nail salons and ban companys to sell it into the nail industry for use in nail .

3 Have like a police force to go to companys that are selling mma into the nail industry after the bans are made take samples of monomers and if they are selling mma close the factorys .

4 Have the same like a police that go to salons walk in show a badge and take samples to be tested and if the salon has mma close the salon can make fines jail up to your country .

5 make a licence like we have in Thailand for every owner to open a salon and make inspection like we have in Thailand and if any body do wrong take licenece away so that they can not have a salon .

Mui from Thailand .
sawasdee ka

The people that care about the bad use of mma in the salons and nail industry are the nail techs that care and the ladys that have had there nails made a mess after they have had mma on there nails.

The goverments dont test because they speak is too exspensive :rolleyes: and they do not ban because they realy do not know about the nail industry and mma :twisted: or there choice is it is not important enoughi.

If in some countrys mma is not banned and companys are selling mma to nail techs as legal supplies to make nails what chance have you have for it stop being used .

When your goverments make new laws then it will get better but all any body can do now is keep educate nail techs and all the new ones that find out about mma like me .

Thank you geek :)

I think i speak too much today :lol:

Mui from Thailand
sawasdee ka

And sorry i forget speak the companys care who sell good monomer ema and this web site care who give education for free about mma and everything nail.

Today i just want to speak about this because i speak 7 friend who learn nail now in Thailand and none of them know about mma :rolleyes: they are all use good product so not have problem now but can have later if they no have education some body sell them some thing no good i will look for education and make to thai and speak a thai magazine put inside .

I just want to write some thing of this is about lack of education mma some times i hope no body angry me .

Mui from the land of :)
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