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Feb 16, 2009
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At the minute I use my mobile to take calls from clients. Its starting to annoy me though because they ring at any time and when I don't answer they complain to the hair dressers below me. I don't answer if I can't eg busy doin personal things on my day off.

I was thinking of getting a landline in but unsure if this would lose clients. If someone rings my mobile there number is there for me to ring back but if they ring the landline and don't leave a message what would happen, just leave it til they ring back? Also I'm closed on Tuesdays so I'm afraid of losing clients that way too.

What do you all think? Any advice would be great
Stick with the mobile! Have a voicemail message that says you cannot answer but your opening hours are.... or leave a message and number.
Or if you get a landline you can get your calls diverted to your mobile for when you are not there.
I think a mobile is Ok as long as you have a personal voicemail message explaining that you are unavailable but will call them back. I hate phoning a mobile and getting the pre recorded message.
We must have been typing at the same time. Great minds!! LOL
Hehe yup! I just have a mobile also but as I rent a room in a salon I get calls to the salon also! So I get the best of both worlds! And the owner has the salon number on divert to her mobile at night and on her days off.
Ok. So I'm likin the idea of it being diverted on days I'm off. So if I get the landline in and someone rings it, it will go to my mobile if I want it to? I just think its more professional to have the landline as some people hate ringing mobiles. Was just going to use mobile for texting monthly offers.

Ok as I rent a room what way does that work? There's already a phone socket, do I need to install tha line just?
Yeah you have to physically divert it, so if you dont do it 1 night and someone calls the landline it will just ring there and not your mobile! So you can chose when you want it diverted! So its really good!
Im unsure how it works with installing 1 though! Ask at the hairdressers and see if you can get a second line installed through their phone company? Might work out cheaper for you!

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