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Mar 16, 2004
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Tunisia but ex Essex Gal!
Hi peeps just want to share my joy that im getting a laptop tomorrow which i bidded on ebay and won, so i will now be able to log on in the evenings instead of squeezing it in during work in the day, im really excited i can sit on the nail geek site all night every night wa hey :lol:
well done i just got some bits off ebay im either on that site or this one once my daughter has come off msm
Hi jackie, yeah i think you can get some real bargains from ebay. Bit down now though as it wont be delivered till monday so another weekend without going on the site how will i survive!!!! anyway hope to see you on saturday x
hi kelly hope 2 b there 2moz never mind about your laptop u have somthin 2 look forward 2 i am always on ebay
Hi Kelly, sorry didn't make it saturday had a client turn up and couldn't say no. I am so bummed i missed it, how did it go?

Will definately be there in May, i swear it!!!!!!! Just try stopping me.:cry:
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