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Feb 23, 2010
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Hi Geeks,

I have looked and looked (maybe im typing in the wrong thing) but i cannot find any geeks that use lash be long? they are supplied by essie supplier louella belle.

I am the worst person at making decisions and after deciding i could not afford to train with nouveua lashes its down to lash perfect or lash be long, lash belong have a training offer on at the minuet with free traing with the kit so it seems like a good deal, though can any geeks give me some recommendation? are the glues fast setting etc? :)

Would be really helpful :) x

Emily x
To save pennies why not do the Flirties training for £100 and then put together a skeleton kit (prob another £125) which you can top up as you go... you'll need:

x2 tweezers
jade stone
micro tape
micro brushes
remover (or sometimes called debonder)
lashes (try J curl in a 0.15 weight in a 8mm, 10mm and 12mm)
pack of mascara wands
cocktail sticks
glue -I have always used Flirties expert strength and it is AMAZING

I think thats about it .. if you explain to your trainer why / what you are doing they can hopefully go through the above with you....

p.s REALLY impressed with Flirties and would defo reccommend thier training...although I use this website for any advice as it is ACE!!!!

p.p.s I would be suspicous of anywhere that offers a 'to good to be true' deal .... if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is!!
Thank you :)

I shall have a look into them i think i might make my decsion after olyimpia :( so many companies out there to much decision!

they are really well priced though for the conversion course! :) x

emily x
I have done lash belong training last year and it was good and the kit is very professional and smart looking. I just don't like how thin the lashes are and no matter how long you spend on trying to make them look full, they just look spider leg looking lol. That's just my opinion though but I have used the glam lash n do like them :0) x
Hi Emily,

I did the lash belong training too, I trained in November last year and they had the same free training offer on. The training was ok but I've learnt that you definitely get what you pay for! I would really recommend that you invest as much as you can in training as it will save you at lot of time and energy in the future.

We learnt the health and safety aspects and how to apply a lash but the course didn't cover anything about face shapes, eye shapes and how to design a good set of lashes for your client, which is absolutely imperative!!

Plus, like somebody else mentioned the kit only includes one weight and curl of lash. However, the tweezers were brilliant. I've bought some from another brand recently and the lash belong ones were much better.

Hope that helps, feel free to pm me if you have any more questions about it :)

I also trained with Lash BeLong over 3 years ago and must admit that even though I don't do many sets of lashes I have been looking at different lashes as the ones I have in my kit seem fairly thin!
Definitely invest well in your training. Otherwise you are wasting your time. The course should include shaping and also trouble shooting and pitfalls.
I believe Eyelash Emporium give excellent training and their products are superb.

Thank you geeks!!

I saw them at olyimpia and the lases were very thin, as i want to offer a wide range of styles etc .... so i decided to train with glam lash and i am booked on the halls of ivy course :)

I had previously done training with my old college lcbt but its was terrible :( the only thing we really learnt was how to apply them and i have no idea how to create different looks etc for eyes so im looking forward to it x


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