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Oct 17, 2015
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I did a lash lift on somebody a couple of weeks ago but the results weren't great and her lashes are now normal. I now have new (and hopefully better) product and am hoping for a better result. My question is how long would you recommend leaving between, bearing in mind the fact they are now normal and didn't look that great after? I don't want to damage and over process the lashes!
Thanks, :)
If they are now straight I would repeat the process again now
Thank you, I thought they would probably be ok, just wanted another opinion, :)
what products did you use and what shield? i do LVL lashes and always use the small sheild (which gives the biggest lift) x
Remember everyone is different as to how long they will last, as our hair all grows in different rates. Lash hairs fall out of their own accord after 60 days and at any time up to 80% of hair would be in the same growth rate at once.

You will see if she has lost hairs or if it has fallen out by inspecting her lashes.

If they are all exactly the same and flat back to normal, then it is likely that she got them steamed (shower/hot oven etc) or maybe didnt prepare properly and they have fallen.

If you can see some of her lashes are back to normal looking BUT some have that squared look they get when a lash lift has grown out, then it is completely naturally her hair growth where the hairs have shed to make room for new growth. If this is the case I would suggest now is a good time to get them re-done as they should last a lot longer with fresh new hairs there.

Treatment wise, be sure to use the fixing lotion exactly where the perming lotion was or it wont do anything. They both need to be right at the root. Also, if using damp cotton pads, really wring them so they aren't wet, just enough to get the glue off.
I was using salon systems but their bottled product is crap! So I've now got lash base sachets!
Yeah I think it was just the product. I always lift my partners lashes and hers weren't as good as I would like with the bottled stuff, and I know she looked after them and didn't get them hot or wet etc!
I'm doing them again tomorrow so will update you all! :)

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