Lash lifting, struggling to get good results


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Aug 29, 2019
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Hi ladies,

I am newly qualified on Lash lifts and practising on friends & fam just now.

I have salon services lash lifting equipment & also equipment from The Beauty Academy Course and testing to see what is better.

I am finding it so hard to keep the silicon curlers to even stick to the skin without popping off at the inner eye (even if i cut them down at the sides), then the lashes keep falling down from the curlers after applying the perming lotion.

Any tips?? Is it the products or me? Is Elleebana better??

Struggling & so gutted about it :( I have done 4 now and not had great results. Following step by step instructions and correct timings!
I think the trick is to let it go tacky then put on eye and hold, and with the lashes the same put the glue on the shield let it go tacky then place lashes and hold don't rush. placement is the most important bit so take your time and if client has twitchy eyes this can make it difficult so try to stay calm and keep client calm as the eyes twitch less and don't let them talk lol
ohhh ok I was putting it on the eyelid straight away so will defo try this!

Any issues that you have ever came across with lash lifting, has it been down the product or more the placement of the lashes?

thank you :)x
I think to be honest it's the placement more than the product, the shield needs to be tight to lashes and the lashes properly placed pulled up tight and straight, it is far more difficult than it looks lol
Definitely, I am just struggling to get them to sit but practice makes perfect and all that!

I have my mum tonight so will take my time. Feel the glue dries so quickly when I am pulling the lashes up not giving me time to fix them. I may be taking too many lashes at the one time.
I only take a small amount at a time whenever it's gone wrong lashes pinging off etc it's when I rush and try to do too many at once I sort of stroke a few at a time hold for a moment then move on to the next few if that makes sense if there isn't enough glue pick up a very small amount on to the metal tool and stroke up onto lash and hold.
When I did lvl lash training, let the glue go a little tacky on the shield first, it helps it stick better. And do small sections of lashes at a time and hold for a few secs, then go to the next section. You may find smaller lashes that do come unstuck during the different stages. Don’t panic, practice makes perfect x

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