lash lift

  1. K

    Claiming LVL

    I’m really feeling disheartened today! I spent all my savings to do my training and trained with some of the best and supportive companies and now there’s a girl that’s claiming to do LVL lashes for £15 when I’m charge the recommended price (£35.50), I feel like I’m losing customers from this. I...
  2. L

    Lash lift and HRT

    Hey all, I have a lady who would really like a lash lift but is on HRT. I'm aware it's not a total contra indication but may effect the lift. Has anyone completed the lift on someone on this medication? Also I know the pill can affect lifts too, however I have lots of ladies on this and have...
  3. S

    Lash lift brands

    Which lash lift brands does eveyone use. Currently using salon system and looking at Hive Lash Lift. Any reviews?
  4. P

    Lash lift not working

    Hi all I’m qualified in lash lift and have been using salon system products which I really like. I have one client tho who is mature and the lashes just aren’t taking to the lift. I have tried a large shield and I have tried perming rods. Her natural lashes curl at the sides, and the rest are...
  5. jvyse2012

    LVL -v- Ellebana

    Hi lovelies! I offer LVL lash lifts by Noveau but I’m just not happy enough with the results, consistency is a problem and service is something else I won’t even begin on ‍♀️ SO I decided to try out Elleebana after hearing great things, I did my first lash lift tonight using their products...
  6. R

    Lash lift help

    I have a clients whose lash lift took a little too well. It’s been 2 1/2 weeks and they still haven’t relaxed. (She just informed of this today) She’s applied only some oil with a mascara wand. What can I suggest to help relax it?
  7. L

    Sanitiser for lash lifts

    Hi, I’ve just completed my first beauty course in lash lifts, please can someone recommend a good sanitizer spray? I can buy one from the training school but figured there must be a good site for buying beauty product accessories online at a cheaper rate? Any tips from established...
  8. Soph_beauty

    Lash lifting

    Hi, I’ve been wanting to do lash lifting for a while now as I am a mobile business. At first I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do lifting or extensions but I’ve come to the conclusion that lifting will fit in with my current personal life. However, I don’t know what brand to go for in lifting. I...
  9. K

    Lash tint after lifting

    Hey all I’m new to Lash Lift. We were taught to tint on the shield however I’m getting some transfer of tint to the lash line. Is there anything I can cleanse this with without ruining the lash lift or is there a better way of tinting on/off the rod/shield that won’t stain the lid. I have...
  10. F

    Elleebana lash lift and belmacil tint

    Can anyone tell me if the Elleebana last lift and belmacil tint kit is any of the following : Vegan friendly Or Vegetarian friendly Or Not tested on animals Thanks x
  11. L

    First time lash lifting

    My friend ordered me a lash lift kit to practice on her and I can provide a new service. Do you recommend I do an official training class or will the internet be good enough? Btw I'm a licensed cosmetologist since 2011 and I also do individual eyelash extensions already
  12. S

    Which is the best lash lift & lash tint product?

    Hello Girls, I really need your help, what is the best : 1. Lash lift product ( last for 2 months or more ) 2. lash tint product ( last for 20 days or more) and what do u think about Dolly's lashes kit ?
  13. X

    Lash perm/lift training

    Hello geeks! I have recently trained in lash extensions, have my quals for perming and tinting but would like to start lash lifts. Already having a perm qual, is a lash lift qual necessary? Thoughts please
  14. M

    Lash lift certificate

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me? I’m a fully qualified HND beauty therapist & have been doing it now for 5 years. I have completed all eye treatments such as tinting, individual lash extensions. 2 years ago my old boss taught me how to carry out a lash lift ( using salon...
  15. L

    First ever client next week, any top tips for lash lifting?

    Evening all! I have just (yesterday) finished my training in LVL and have my first client next week. I have no previous beauty experience so know the basics of what I've been taught. Does anyone have any top tips for lifting or for becoming a self employed business lady. I am so worried...
  16. Laurenmcg2011

    Lash lift course?

    Hi I’m looking into training in lash lift and tinting and I’m just wondering who is the best to train with I’m seeing a lot about lvl and salon systems. I am based in Dublin and finding it very hard to find any courses within the next few weeks so if anyone can help point me in the right direction
  17. N

    Elleebana lash lift help!

    Hi, I have been doing lash lifts for years using iappeal and have recently changed over to Elleebana due to the quick processing time. I have never had any problems with lash lifts but I have just used Elleebana for the first time on 2 regular lash lift clients and both clients have come back...
  18. K

    Lash lift

    Anyone here who does lash lifting ever have the issue of the lashes feeling shorter about a week after lift? I have a client who says he lashes feel shorter. Not sure what it could be.
  19. Abi Gamero

    My LVL didn’t take like it should

    Hello everyone! I’m just wondering if I could get some help on what could have gone wrong with my LVL, I did my first treatment since training last night, I left all the solutions on between the times stated and everything, didn’t use too much glue to stick the lashes down either, but I forgot...
  20. hannahksestie

    Dolly lash lift not taking/inconsistent

    Hey! I’ve been doing lash lifts at my spa for over a year now. Recently we switched to Dolly lash lift. For some reason I’m not getting very good results. With most of my white clients the lift turns out perfect, but my Hispanic clients lashes only barely lift. When it doesn’t take I have them...