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Sep 27, 2010
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Just after some advice and tips on eyelash perming! I have practiced a few times, got my test in a few weeks. Couple of the perms have worked out well and the lashes looked great, but i did my sisters and they looked spidery and kinda curled over too much.
My questions are - how do you determine which sized rod to use, and where do you apply the perm solution? In college i was taught to apply a thin line across the middle, but ive read verious posts saying to apply it to the bottom or even to apply it all over? Any help much appreciated as i feel bit nervous about performing the treatment now!
I was trained to apply the solution all over. And in terms of the rod size you should estimate the rod size, and then when you start to curl the lashes around the rod you can tell if you have made the wrong decision. If the lashes go past the top of the rod When curled back then there is a good chance u need a bigger rod so at this point take it off and reapply a larger one. Its better to trial and error than to get it wrong, and after a few your instinct will be right everytime! :) I do hate eyelash perming though I must admit! :eek:
I was taught to put the solution all over aswell. I don't mind lash perming but I think it is getting over taken by lash extensions and all the different results you can achieve.
I did my training last week and was taught to put the lotion at the bottom :)
Thanks guys!

Any other advice or tips from you Geeks who do eyelash perming regularly would be much appreciated?! Im still nervous about the whole thing! :|
Once you have had your test, have you thought about using gels? I find these alot easier and less likely to get in the clients' eye and absolutely no wastage.

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