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Jul 1, 2008
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Crawley Down, West Sussex
I have only just come into the eyelash arena and am still practising but can anyone tell me about sealer for eyelash extensions? I was not taught to use it with Marvel Lash but the Glam Lash glue states "Glam Lash Flexi Glue glides on effortlessly encapsulating each lash in a seal when dried, no separate sealer is required"

Do you lash geeks use sealer after applying the lashes?:confused:
I do use a sealer for after I've done my lashes and I use Flirties
Is it necessary then? What exactly does it do - form a seal over the lash?

I was trained to use sealer but i kept forgetting to use it. I'd use it sometimes and other times i'd forget.
There was no difference between the outcome or longevity of the lashes so i never use it now. :)
I always use it and it seems to make the lashes last longer. You will get both takes of everyone only way to see if it works for yourself is to have a go.

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