Lashes too short for lift and tint


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Sep 29, 2012
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This is something that was never covered in training so I'm a bit bemused.
Must of my customers have a good length of lash, enough to get a good lift but my mums lashes are very short and I think they are just too short for a lift.
Thru must only be about 1/2 cm long, even the small shields don't do much. Her lashes only just stick to the shields and when they do there is just no room to apply the soloution do that it's not near the eye lid or away from the ends to prevent frazzling them. As soon as the soloution goes on they start de sticking from the shield as their is just no contact area.
Sorry - accidentally pressed send before re reading and finishing.

So I'm guessing they are too short and unless they bring out a paper thin shield I can't see any way around this.

Have any of you recommended that clients lashes are too short for the treatment?
Has she considered a lash serum to help them grow? Also vitamins etc. Sorry I cant think of anything else.
Is she eligible for lash extensions? Even the tiny 6mm ones would add some bulk at least.

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Have you thuoght about getting some of the original style perming rods? They are alot smaller allowing you to get better contact....the secret is with these it to avoid getting any solution on the tips of the lashes so they don't curl over.
hth x
My mum has always had short lashes so I don't think a lash serum would work with her. She's not suitable for lash extensions as she trashes then.

I'm more interested in knowing whether any therapists have turned clients away due to lashes being too short x
This is a pic of a lady with very short lashes, she was pleased with the result bit obviously not very dramatic.

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You definitely won't get a "stunning" transformation with short lashes and lash lifts, but this is a lady who has extremely short lashes, she's been back twice for her lifts and it definitely makes a difference, especially when she puts mascara on. So, no, I haven't turned anyone away ..... Yet lol x
I had this exact issue last week. I used a small shield and applied lifting balm as much up the lash as I could without going onto the tips but as the lashes were also very fine I only left the lifting balm on for 9 mins to prevent over processing. I'll post the results so you can see, although she had a bit of mascara on in her before photo so I think the before and afters look pretty much the same.

Any thoughts from experienced LVL techs or other lash lift techs?

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My mums lashes are even shorter than that, I got a tiny lift, but more like a right angle - but could see on a few that they had been frazzled despite only leaving on for 6 mins on her to try to prevent this. It was where there just wasnt space along the lash line to apply the solution so it wasn't in contact with her eye lid or the ends of her lashes.

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