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Jun 15, 2005
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Just wondered if any Geeks could offer me a bit of advice?
I have had my own business for 2 years now ~ I spent the first year renting a room within a Hairdressing salon and now have a salon of my own 5 staff. Whilst doing my accounts it occurred to me that I have not put anything through for doing the salon laundry at home, this is usually 2 loads a night, sometimes 3, washed and tumbled. A bit annoyed with myself as I havent put anything in last years accounts either.
Obviously I will talk to my accountant but just wondered how other geeks account for this?
Many thanks on advance
I usually buy my washing powder/liquid and fabric softener separately when I do my own household shopping and put the receipts on my accounts. My accountant then works out a proportion of the electricity for washing/drying etc but not sure how much.
I usually buy a large wash powder and put that through the books, also my accountant allows me to claim back a % of my electricity bill each year
:hug: Thanks for the reply -
Yeps I do the same when buying powder/ softner but just havent put anything through for electric etc. just wondered if there was a magic formula
Sorry its the same answer, joe 90 beat me to it
I always put my towels into the Launderette for a service wash, and put the receipt through my books. I actually think it worked out cheaper than doing it at home, and was certainly a lot less effort.
I do my washing at home too, but only have to do about 3 loads a week so haven't bothered to claim (stupid me)
If i was having as much washing as you to do i would take it to the nearest laundrette at the end of each day and have it service washed, that way you would have receipts to put through for all of your salon washing and a lot less work for you to do after a hard day at the salon, hth
Great idea Iz & Louise unfortunatley I live in the sticks and have never even seen a laundrette apart from the one Dot Cotton works in! I assume there might be one in Aberdeen but thats 1 1/2 hours away from me, so would be no time saving!
I would be overjoyed to get rid of the laundry as its a real bind - last thing I want to tackle after a hard day at the salon. I am considering getting rid of the shower in the salon and putting a washing machine so the laundry could be done by my receptionist.
Hey ho another query for the accountant!
Thanks Kx
Dot cotton lol
Sounds like a plan to me, get rid of the shower and let someone else do the washing :lol:

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