Layering combo?


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debbie 2324

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Oct 7, 2013
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Does anyone know a nice color to use with Shellac Nordic nights?

On the left is Nordic lights over Rock royalty, and the left is Peacock plume xx
Sweet! Both are beautiful. Thank you
You're welcome [emoji5]️
Plum Paisley is fab with it! I've just done it as a sample pop, as I was a little disappointed with Nordic lights on its own! Plum Paisley does the trick! X
Great I will give it a try as well. Thank you for the helpful ideas fluffy 26 and Makenna
Put it over butterfly queen
Will try to. Thanks
rock royalty base with Nordic lights on top. gives it the depth it lacks on its own. Clients love the different sparkle it gives !
Love it over midnight swim! ❤❤

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