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Mar 16, 2004
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Tunisia but ex Essex Gal!
Hi peeps, just wondering if anyone has been trained by LCN?

A colleague of mine has her nails done by a Trained LCN Technician and they do look really nice. I am considering all different training options at the moment to widen my range of systems and to boost my confidence and just wondered if any could give me any advice?

Thanks x
Hi kelly

I did a training course with LCN, and i am currently using the range at the mo, i found the training good, back up support good (you get a call once a week when you first start) and the products good. Its not a cheap range but imo you get what you pay for..
Hi Tracey, if you dont mind can you PM me with a rough guide on the prices of the course etc?

Much appreciated
I did my basic manicure and pedicure courses with them in January, mostly because they are based in Hurstpeirpoint which is about 10 minutes drive from me here in Brighton.

Their products are quite expensive, but the training is very good and like Little Angel says, they keep in touch regularly to see how you're doing and if you're having any problems.

I was going to do their gel course until I heard about Brisa
They are quite local to me as well and i have seen a few people with LCN that look nice, im just enquiring about different training at the moment though and have been in contact with Creative about their courses can you tell me anymore about Brisa?

Thank you
I'm certainly not the best person for information about Brisa - yet...- I do my course on 15th April - you can ask me afterwards :lol:

I heard that Creative were launching a gel when I did my Creative Four Day Foundation course, and as I really enjoyed my training with Creative and their products, I decided to try out their Brisa gel first.

The Creative Education Team are the best people to discuss it with at the moment :biggrin:


Have any of you lcn users done the course that teaches how to do enhancements on toenails? I was wondering if it is worthwhile? Do they just teach basic application or do they teach you how to fix different types of nails because you get clients with some pretty funky looking toenails!

i havent done the course but i have seen it demo 'd and its just basically sculpting, you can use your normal gels its just a con to buy the pedi gel too..IMO ... You can really make some people happy by giving them toe nails again..
A toe nail is a nail like anyother nail.

You prep in the same way (being aware that toes have a significantly larger amount of cuticle to remove) and you apply the same way as any other nail.

You can use any system be it L/Ps, Wraps or gels. They all work wonderfully well on toes. There is absolutely nothing new about applying overlays to toes!!! Why it is considered such a 'new' service I don't know. We have been doing it for 20 years in the salon.

Be very stringent though with your hygene. As you are all I'm sure aware, infectons on toes are much more common than infections on fingers and much more easily spread from one person to another.
i went to turkey last year to visit my best friend who lives out there,
i did my self a set of pink and whites l&p on my toes wow they looked stunning and my feet looked really tanned i swam in the sea all week and they wear fine.
i found it easier doing my toes than my when i do my right hand.
they look stunning also under heeled posh sandals say for a wedding.
just be aware just like your own toe nails if you have them to long they can be uncomfortable
just my two pennies worth
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