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Jul 28, 2010
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Well thanks to a lot of advice yesterday re probs with le chat gel nails, I would like to thank you all... I now know what I was doing wrong THANK GOD! Well actually, a cpl things :( (blush). I think once training was over I became a little complacant (sp?) and was so desperate to get on with it I ran before i could walk oops!

Thanks to recommendations I went to youtube and low and behold several demonstrations for doing le chat gels. In fact, I was taught a few extra things that I wasnt by my trainer... and i saw le chat nail sculpting and WOW.

Once i have done a few sets of gels THE RIGHT AWAY and started gettin good results like i did right at the start after my training, I am gonna have a go at this... it uses pretty much same method i have already been taught, but using a nail form (always wondered wot these were for lol).

So has anyone used le chat sculpting? And is it better to use these instead if artificial tips? Advice / comments much appreciated.
There have been loads of threads over the years about sculpting v tips. Have a search and I am sure you will find some interesting reading!
Personally I am not that keen on gels (sorry :o ) much preferring acrylic (L&P)but when I did have to do gel nails I always prefered to sculpt with it.
Sculpting is a bit tricky at first and I would always recomend doing a 1 day sculpting course to master the art (it really is an art!) so you could maybe look into whether Le Chat offer this. To be honest I always found students found the trickiest bit was getting the bloomin' forms on :rolleyes: :lol:

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