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Nov 21, 2012
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Hi geeks

Just wondering what your experiences of learning to drive are?

Little bit about my experience so far:
Know my driving instructor for years (used to b best friends with his daughter) we get on like a house on fire :)
Started back in march and he said i dont want you still in this car by next year because you will be bankcrupt haha
Had a break july to september with having a girly holiday and moving house, only started back with regular lessons the past few weeks.

So, im fine at driving itself, but for some reason every driving lesson i have i do things that wrong that i did perfect in my last lesson. My instructor always says why did u do that? You know how do that? Your usually spot on with doing that etc
I feel like im at my wits end with learning, i dont know why it wont stick in my head!! I have one every week, unfortunately im not insured on my boyfriends car as its broke at the minute so i cant practice when im not on my lessons :-(

Any tips? Would be greatful :) xx
Maybe you should just have a test and see how you get on.A lot about passing is luck on the day.As long as you feel you can drive and would be confident out on your own maybe just see how you get on.You never know.
Have you passed your theory yet.
Both my children passed after the second test having 2 a week for quite a short time.
I kept making silly mistakes when I was learning. I think my instructor made me really nervous. Are you insured to drive a car & somebody else go out with you? Not so much as a lesson but just a drive, you might find you are more confident this way. This is what I did , I had my own car when I was taking lessons & I would always drive when going out with my dad I used to drive to get the shopping ect. When I took my test I passed first time with only 1 advisory. I had a holiday to haven booked & had to drive from London to Hastings, my driving test was in the morning at 9am & I was to leave the same day at 1pm for the drive to Hastings. Because I was so confident with driving by this time I new I would pass & be able to make the long journey in the afternoon with out any hesitations.
I told my driving instructor to be brutally honest with me as I wasn't paying him £20 odd quid an hour to tell me what he thought I wanted to hear, plus I'm thick skinned and can take criticism well :)

My lessons were up and down, the first time I ever reversed around the corner it was perfect, after that bloody awful! it's a normal learning curve to get things wrong and then right, especially when driving.

Michelle x
You will always make mistakes because your being watched. Examiners will anticipate this and as long as you don't do anything dangerous you will be fine. You just need to keep going on lessons and before you know it you will have passed your test! I was always nervous and my instructor said the same but I'm a good driver now but I always make mistakes when I'm driving my husband as I feel like he's watching me and always picks up tiny things, like if I get too close to another car he squeals but I know my distance, But then make mistakes! It's good that you get on with your instructor, hopefully this means your not as stressed as if it was a stranger. You tend to drive differently than how you are taught so just do what he says and you will find your own driving position once you've passed, I think learning without an instructor can sometimes make you pick up bad habits but just persevere
I think that when having lessons you learn the basics ( as in anything) .. you learn how to pass the test. Then you gain confidence the more you drive. Bit like having clients, that first one was soooo scary, but it gets easier....
I always remember when I was learning to drive, my mum saying, 'you'll eventually get in the car, turn the key and not even think about it and I thought whoa no way... But mum was right and I.don't... Now L&P..... I wish I was so confident ... LOL X

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The week before my test I managed to mount the pavement with 2 front wheels while out practicing with my dad! I was pretty upset about it seen as my test was the following week and shouldn't have been making mistakes like that!! Managed to pass first time!

So don't be disheartened by mistakes. As others have said its a lot to do with the luck on the day and other road users around you. Just keep calm and you will be fine. Thankfully I've managed to stay off the pavement since I've passed! You learn a lot more once you get out on the road yourself. Good luck! x

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I was exactly the same , i had lessons for 6 years! Cuz I kept stopping and starting I finally passed first time last year. I was so unbelievably nervous I went the wrong way & turned left when he told me to go right lol but as long as u do every thing correctly it's fine. Even now I can't reverse park & get nervous in busy car parks! I remember thinking after my test wow that was pretty easy & was annoyed with myself that I dragged it out for so long. Stick at it & u should take the plunge & do ur test u may be surprised at how much u actually know x
I was ok when I was learning many years ago, but I have found that the older I get, I m a bit more nervous about things.
My advise is pretty simple but its just to keep at it!

You will get there, its just that practice makes perfect!

I spent years learning to drive and thousands of pounds, I was great on my lessons but because I was so nervous, I kept failing my tests (I failed 6 and passed on my seventh!)

I found a great instructor who recommended I get prescribed propanalol to help with the physical affects of my nerves (fast heartrate, butterflys, feeling sick, shaking like a leaf!) for the test and it worked wonders, I even passed my test in rush hour.

Im still nervous when I drive now...2 years on but im getting better.

If you make a mistake, don't beat yourself up over it as you will be so busy worrying about it youll forget to concentrate and make another.

Most drivers make silly mistakes even after passing their test, I pulled out on someone the other week as I was at a roundabout and a bit lost and confused, but I just swore a bit, put my hand up to apologise and moved out the way and forgot about it, so don't worry no ones perfect, it will come to you and eventually you will be driving somewhere and youll get there and have forgotten how you got there!
Thanks geeks you all make me laugh :) my boyfriends just bought my friends car off her for me (wooooooooo!) im so excited lol im going to get insured asap and get him to tale me out in it :) hes really patient with me aswell when i first started to drive so i know i wont get shouted at too much haha
I havent done my theory yet, thats one thing on my christmas list off santa hehe my instructor keeps on at me to do it so we can get my test sorted :) xx
Thanks geeks you all make me laugh :) my boyfriends just bought my friends car off her for me (wooooooooo!) im so excited lol im going to get insured asap and get him to tale me out in it :) hes really patient with me aswell when i first started to drive so i know i wont get shouted at too much haha
I havent done my theory yet, thats one thing on my christmas list off santa hehe my instructor keeps on at me to do it so we can get my test sorted :) xx

What a great boyfriend. Here's a tip for cheaper insurance. If your mum or dad drive put them on the insurance as a second driver this can lower your insurance. I put my dad on mine when I was a learner & it lowered it by £100.
Took me five times to past my test and I thought I'd failed near the start of the test I had passed! It took me forever to pass I had lessons for ages and was insured on my dads car so was always driving that it was so frustrating because I knew I could drive and so did my instructor but it all just came down to my nerves on the day! Eventually I got there and its the best (and most expensive! lol)thing I've ever done! Good luck & don't give up :-] x
I failed my first driving text the day before my 18th birthday but I carried on having lessons and booked another test in for exactly 2 months later but didnt tell anyone. A couple of weeks before my test I was adament that i was going to fail and i kept telling my instructer that i wanted to postpone it. He told me to wait a week and see how i felt that as i was having as many lessons as i could the week leading up to my test. It got to a week before and I just needed to cancel i knew i wasnt going to pass so i went to cancel it and it was too late you need to give more notice.

So I got to the test centre and needed to go to the toilet but they didnt have one so i had to go to a nearby cafe and on my way i though about not going back i was so nervous i couldnt sotp shaking.

Had my test which was so easy, I onyl had 1 roundabout and my manouver was a turn in the road which is the easiest of them all but i still managed to stall. I had no idea wether i had passed or not and driving back to the test centre my left leg was shaking so much and i was stuck in traffic and kept getting close to the car infront of me. But lo and behold when we got back to the test centre i he told me i passed!! I was so happy i told him i wanted to kiss him!
i had the same problem with my leg shaking couldn't control it it was awful lol x
Argh my first lesson is in 40 mins - so scared! Haha x
Awwww good luck :) sure you will be fine, i love my driving lessons :) going to miss them when i pass lol xx
I thought I'd never get the hang of it! I really struggled and had well over 100 hours worth of lessons, before my test I had at least 2 hours a day, everyday (sometimes 4!!) for about 4 weeks... I was pregnant with my second child and my husband was in Afghanistan so failing wasn't an option! I didn't have any faith in my driving and that's the biggest problem! I think the older you get, the harder it gets! One lesson, it will just click into place. Just remember, in a lesson, you're being watched so are more likely to make mistakes. You will get there!!xx
It wasn't as bad as I thought, he had to help a few times with steering but I'm not expecting to be perfect today haha. But I'm excited but still nervous for the next lesson! Haha xx

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