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Lease available for beautiful salon in North Wales - amazing opportunity!


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Sep 9, 2009
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North Wales
Hi all

I have a lease on a salon in North Wales that is due for renewal in November, and due to ill health I am not able to continue with the lease.

I am therefore looking for someone to take the lease over from me (my landlord is quite happy with this) - this would mean that whoever takes it on has a great opportunity, as if they decided in November that it's not for them, they could end the lease and not renew it.

I opened the salon in May as nails only, and it has been a huge success. I was fully booked on the days that I was there, and I am currently having to turn clients away as I am too poorly to work. The salon is a fantastic opportunity for someone to take over a new, thriving little business, with a number of established clients, and a casual lease. The rates are all extremely competitive, and very low cost to run. I am devastated that I am having to give the salon up, however I know that someone will get a huge amount of enjoyment and satisfaction from it.

If anyone would like any further information or photographs, please email me - [email protected].



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