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Jun 14, 2003
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Has anyone bought the Leighton Denny Video called Tips from the top?

Ive had a look at his website and it seems to be interesting but doesnt say how long it is etc.

Im quite tempted to splash out in the hope that some of his talent may just rub off onto me! I wish LOL!.

If anyone has any feedback I would be most grateful.

Thanks! ;)
hi ya vanessa
i was thinking about buying the vid a while back but bought the untouchables vid instead which is brill 8) , so i too would be interested to hear if anyone else has it and if its any good :?: like you say it doesn't realy go into to much detail about it on the web site running time of video ect.
i was also looking at the video creative have in there catalogue does anyone have this? does anyone know the running time of this and what it covers?
like you vanessa i was hoping some of the skill would rub off on me too :shock:
i guess we can always live in hope :D
Ive got the Untouchables vid too but I was a bit disappointed with it really. I thought it was very short and there were no tricks of the trade which I was hoping for. Although its great to recap on the basics!

I like the sound of Dennys vid as he hints at giving tips for nail biters which I would love.

Being out in Cyprus its difficult to try and get back for specific training days!

I also quite fancy Winning Nails so any hints out there to what its like would be great.

Please help everyone!
Sawadde Ka

Is untouchables video nail tech i am awaiting and can you plse teach me where to buy videos .

Kop khun ka

I have the winning nails video from creative and I found it really informative and well worth having and such a great price too
if its techniques your looking for, it has to be winning nails by creative.
the people on this video have been in the industry 4 a v.long time, & the techniques that you will see are guarenteed to be an accurate representation of the techniques that you will be taught during any creative training.
consistency is essential if you are trying to improve your technique.
also as debbie said, great value 4 money :D
lol liza xx
There is a past thread about videos that discusses the LD video.

I won't rehash the comments that were made about it but they were not favorable at all.

Quite the reverse in fact.

Why not look it up and have a read?
thanks geeg will do :D

Someone is selling a Leighton video on eBay - not sure if it's the one you're looking for....it says it's 20 minutes long, as at least it answers that question!!


Have you seen the P&P being charged for the LD video? £4.20!!! Rather excessive. Also, I'd like to think I was getting more than 20 minutes for my money, I was quite keen on buying this video until I saw the length of it. :(

mmmmm me to jackie got little goat etts to feed so will be giving it a miss
:rolleyes: shame would have like it but like you say like to get a bit more for my money! how long it the creative vid (mind you 20 mins or 20 hours would still buy it!)
if you do buy the leighton denny vid venessa let us know what you think to it i know its had a few thumbs down but i guess it depends on what you are looking for and what areas you need help. me i need all the help i can get :shock: in more than one way :D
I think the winning nails video runs for about an hour or thereabouts. There is a bit of chatter amongst themselves but even that is quite informative, I am definitely glad I got it and I won`t part with it for a very long time
FYI: The thread that Gigi was mentioning can be found here.

Very interesting stuff.

Have decided not to bother with any other vids apart from Winning Nails.

I had a quick look on Ebay at the Denny video and I wont be bothering with that one! Its only 20mins long so thats over a pound a minute! Mmmmm not very good value me thinks! Im pretty sure its the same one from his website too. It cant be that good if everyones selling theirs! :D

The comments on the helpful hints string were good as I too would like a bit of extra guidance but think I shall save my pennys for a couple of hours one to one. It just such a shame you cant rewind your tutors time and time again! :D

Thanks everyone for your help!
I have the LD video somewhere and I'll happily give it to whoever if I can find it!! :shock:
hi ya mrs geek id love to take a peak if thats ok
:D maybe we could start a post leighton round the country :shock: id be pleased to pass it on when i have taken a look (going to get the winning nails definatley! but wont be parting with that! :D )
nickki jonesx
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