level 3 after level 2 ???????


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Aug 24, 2007
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bristol, england
hi there,:confused:

i am working towards my nvq2 in beauty therapy and am really enjoying it. The thing is i am wondering weather it is worth doing the level 3 once i have completed the level 2.

i have noticed that lots of salons prefer you to have a level 3 qualification, so i do not want to get to the end of this course and then not be able to get a job.

does anyone know if there are there salons out there that will employ me with just a level 2 qualification, and then help me work towards a level 3 qualifiaction or does this not happen ???? ( sorry if this is a stupid question)

i have kind of decided to progress on to the level 3 but still want to check out all the possibilities, so any advise will be much apreciated

thanks people xxxxx
Heres a link to a thread I started at the beginningof the year asking the same question.

I have to say I eventually decided that I would continue with my study and am currently doing my level 3. So far I am really enjoying it and not finding it nearly as difficult as I thought I would!:lol:
I would definately go for it! there are so many different routes you can go into, so can specialise more than your standard Level2. I'm doing Level 3 Spa Therapies, but you could go specialise in Nail technology, massage, make up...or just do a normal Level 3!! hth xxx
I would def. recommend you going for this, a lot of employers prefer to have NVQ 3.

Good luck.:)

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