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Just Jo

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Aug 9, 2004
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I did 3 set yesterday and 3 today :) all free of course as I "In training" lol
Talk about being thrown in at deep end ... Never knew there were so many shapes and sizes lol Young ladies with bitten nails expecting me to perform miracles .... did a good job even if i say so myself ;) Yuk at trying to fit forms around really wide nails and then the shortest i ever seen! They have all been pink/white as that it what I am trying to perfect and what I will be examined on on Tuesday argh! I am using permagloss as a polish as it both saves my arms from buffing and seems to help with stopping lifting (well thats what I have found from using it on myself anyway) ... does anyone else include it in their price or as an extra? I am thinking that if I charge extra peeps will not bother but it saves on the buffing lol so maybe if I just include in price as can not charge too much here - average price seems to be £25 .... oh heck! so much is racing around in my head at the mo ... so many nails so little time lol and i need a name.
Just wanna pass on Tuesday and then book in for next course :) At the ripe old age of 44 I have found renewed youth and vigour for learning ... oh wow its gonna be a sporty little number next I can feel it ;)
Now how does it go ... sanitize, cuticles, etch, prep dx etc etc --- I go to sleep doing this, sad or wot! :)

Joanne xx
Hi....WoW you're busy!! Why are you doing it all for free? surely even if it was half the normal price people would be happy to pay? even if you just make enough to cover your materials! I have got perma gloss, it came in my college kit but I havent used it yet as i have only just got a uv lamp. When i do use it though it will be an EXTRA! you can sell it as an extra service as it seals against water, acetone, oils and household chemicals and helps stop lifting so keeping nails looking 'salon new' for longer, gotta be worth a couple of quid at least! lol i know what you mean about the buffing, but you could get the same effect as perma gloss with clear nail varnish at a fraction of the price.
All the best for Tuesday!
Wow you are busy, good luck for tuesday and keep us posted on results etc.

take care:)
Good Luck for Tuesday although I'm sure you will sail through. :)
wow you sound like your having a fab time , good luck on your exam and let us know how you go , love dee
Hey! You got lots of people to work on! Well done! Have a good time on Tuesday!
Well done lots of practising is good!! You will do really well on Tuesday with all that enthusiasm!!! Dont forget to post your results!!
Well I thought that if I charge "no charge" and they are my "models" I would get loads more peeps offer, which I have, and what I want at the moment is the practice so when I feel ready I will go straight to full price. Plus if they not paying then I felt so much more comfortable about practicing on them because at the worst if their nails were awful ... so what? they got it for free! lol ... fortunately they were all really pleased and said that they were as good as any others they had done .. *head swells* ... just got to hope they stay on now lol because we dont cover infills until Monday :) ... And it was lovely because the first 3 all gave me tips which covered my product cost anyway :) the 2nd 3 were 16 year olds in it for a freebie lol which is ok with me because I got to practice on them. And because the ladies are all clients of my friend (I am doing it in her hair salon) the idea is that if they are happy with their freebie they will become regular paying clients. I have said that i will do their first full set and then their first infill ... after that they can pay ;)
Anyway I want to work out all the true costs before I start charging. Reel them in first eh? lol
Its great because Julie is decorating the room for me and allsorts so how can I fail eh? fingers crossed xx Its amazing because I sat there yesterday and 4 of her clients all booked to be my models for next week ... and she is only a one woman salon so not too bad is it?
Anyway I hooked! I now live eat dream and breathe nails ... I have this dream of a pink room and pink outfit and a lovely pink car, all girly and pretty ... eeks I hope I not in a mid life crisis! my partner says that they are now a nail widow lol
Be back to tell you if I passed on Tuesday :) I am so excited lol
Take care

Joanne xx