Lifting hair using KP and blondes on grey


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Mar 6, 2016
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I've been out of the industry for a long time and completely new to wella.
Could someone please give me a bit of a refresher on using tint to lighten hair,
and covering grey, especially shade selection for grey regrowth going to various blondes. Thank you very much.
I'm really hoping this will all come back to me. Although it's been years
You might benefit from taking a refresher course in colour if lightening hair with tint and grey coverage is something you've forgotten so easily. Thats pretty basic stuff really and if you're unsure of it (whether you've been out of the industry or not is irrelevant) then you shouldn't be attempting hair colour at this point until you've been on a course.
I couldn't agree more, and have numerous courses booked for October.
The question was more in regard to help and advice with wella colours, and shade selection, not 'how do I cover grey' or 'how do I lighten hair'.
If everyone knew everything, there wouldn't much desire for a forum like this.
It's been 20 years, and for the record I used to really know my stuff. Very well. But after a 20 year complete break from hairdressing, all I'm trying to do is slowly re-train, build up my once existing knowledge again and probably start from apprenticeship level again! I'm just trying to be proactive by reading, watching, and practising (on things I still feel 100% comfortable doing). The range I used to use probably doesn't exist anymore! I am a perfectionist, and thinking back to how good I used to be, well, let's just say it would upset me going into a colour course completely blind. I'm just trying to refresh and swot up as much as I can.
Maybe I was wrong to come to this forum. Although most of the threads I have read have been extremely helpful!

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