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Apr 18, 2003
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Hi :)

I have had a few new clients this week all with very bad lifting problems, all 3 of them have come from the same salon and were told that their lifting problems were caused by liquid hand soap and that their last tech had told them not to use it and that is why they are having problems with lifting.

Now i assume unless your soaking your fingers in the stuff its not going to cause lifting? i have never had any problems with any of my clients with this or myself and i use liquid hand soap daily.

The only reason i ask is that i had 3 of them this week, i have had a few in the past from that particular salon and all have said the same, but this week i had 3 lol so i thought ill ask the question on here and see what everyone else thinks. Has anyone else heard this one?

The clients i have done in the past from that salon have become regular clients and haven't had any lifting problems since and i tell them sure use your liquid hand soap!! lol

Kerrie :)
Well love 2 words come to mind..........
Bad prep.........
Thats the reason their nails have lifting..........Your prep is brill, hence no lifting...............
As they say a bad craftsman/person will always blame the tools !!!!!!
So keep up the great work
Have a brill New Year
:D :D

I wonder what that salon is saying is in liquid soap that is not in ordinary soap, shampoo, conditioner, washing up liquid, bubble bath etc. etc. I wonder what they tell a client who never uses liquid soap? ;)

Well at least their lost clients are your gain, word of mouth will spread quickly.
Hi Kerrie ... Happy New Year!!

This salon is 'searching' for an excuse to explain what is obviously a persistent problem in their salon.

Shampoos and other liquid soaps do contain SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) which is the foaming agent in these things which is very drying (hence why shampooists in salons suffer from dermatitis often). However these liquid soaps are not a cause of lifting and clients can use them quite happily.
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