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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawadee ka

Before i buy star nail liquid and powder i like liquid not smell too much and come good i want try one more product to see if i like same can you tell me please what lady use as number one in salon .

Kop khun ka

Sawadee ka
Hi Mui, well the best Liquid and Powder system has got to be Creative.......

All the best Salons all over the world use this............
Nice Product, low odour in the monomer, no lifting and great workability...............

So for me it had to be Creative R+.....................

How is the baby ???? Not here yet?????
Maybe tomorrow????

Kop khun ka
Ruth xxxxx
Sawadee Ka

I no have baby i go hospital yesterday them tell me baby big before i 45 to 47 kilo now 63 kilo i jeb too much i think baby .

I will try buy creative and try my shop we learn nail and now do customer norway and 1 England and lady England she tell she do nail many time and we do very good nail i happy lady norway happy too much .

Kop khun ka mui
Sawadee ka

Ruth can you tell me one thing please we charge money in shop for nail polish with nail art for thai people 100 baht for 10 finger 10 baht 1 finger and for falang 200 baht 200 baht in england money is 3 sterling english money for 10 finger .

We now do many airbrush nail for show but i do not know price England so do not know how to price in Thailand i have to discount .

We only in phuket have airbrush for nail but soon will have more and for us put price others will do same .

Good for me you can tell me price please.

Kop khun ka mui
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