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Apr 28, 2003
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Beautifully crafted nails.


Not sure if I could take up too much room with all her pics, as fab as they are, so they can be found on my web page until Lisa gets hers sorted out
Debs - I can never see your pics - only red crosses :oops: :rolleyes: :?
Yeah, I really don`t know why that is, I check them before I post and they`re ok, I can see them on the board and so can others, but there are a few that can`t. I just don`t know what happens. They are really worth checking out though. You`ll have to visit my site Samantha
that's really strange, cos i could only see the red cross as well.
then i logged on to the website highlighted at the bottom of debs' post to see the nails.
then i've just been browsing & come back for another look & low & behold................. i can see them, not the red cross?
wierd :shock:
any explainations???
lol liza xx
Oh no Deb.....its happening again!
I can see your pic.....and I could see the one you post 2nd time around on Tuesday night!
Its usually ME that cant see the pics! :rolleyes:

Whats happening!? :sunny:

Beautiful nails!! Very pretty indeed!

I know I`m not that good with the pc but I do like to help when I can, and its so frustrating when it doesn`t work. The trouble is it does work for some people which is real strange. These nails are a "must see". Whoever can`t see the pic really must visit my site and take a look. I for one can`t wait until lisa gets her site running properly, she will have some fab stuff on there
When i first looked at the post i could not see the pic. But now i can roll weird. Anyway they are lovely very eye catching.
well Deb I checked out your site and saw Kim's and the Xmas nails and they are super :!:
I did these nails using green and red acrylic and glitter dust, then i did freehand nail art of holly and berrys!!
They are brilliant :D Now thats why I want to do nails :!:
They're soooo neat and pretty. Its great looking at everyone's pikkies. Its really encouraging to see what can be done and it spurs you on!

keep them coming!

Tamm :thumbsup:
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