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Sep 12, 2007
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Just before Xmas, I moved into a new area that has a population of about 17,000. I used to live in the area and know it well, but my 'contacts' have dried up after being away for 6 years or so.

Anyway, there is a group on Facebook for things wanted / for sale in the town that has 4,000 members! That's not a bad percentage of the people who actually live in the town. So, I thought I would put a post up saying what I offered (CND Nails, Shellac, Xtreme Eyelash Extensions, Spray Tans etc), and made a point of my experience and the quality of the brands that I used. I had a few people come to me asking for prices and turning around saying I was too expensive and they could get it from si and so for half the price, this part doesn't bother me too much because I will not lower my prices just to compete.

Now, I'm still subscribed to this group and I notice every few hours a new post comes up from some of the 'resident' nail techs in the town offering full sets at either £7, £13, £15 and £20 depending on who it is posting. Then there are people saying they are starting up, and doing sets for £5! This again doesn't bother me too much, but they are getting soooooooooooooooo many people taking them up on their offers and then replying to the new posts saying how good they are!

A lot of people are very quick to say on here sometimes that people with lower prices normally aren't very good, but these people, no word of a lie, have a lot of replies on their pictures, posts from people saying that they are really good and that they are very happy customers (in my opinion their nails look cheap!)

Cheap, tacky looking nails are not what I offer and don't want to try to compete with these people and lower my prices. But this group is REALLY bothering me because nearly 25% of the town are signed up to it and it could be a really good marketing tool!

Just wondering what your thoughts are on this? I know I can market myself as highly trained, using good quality products etc, but I don't think it's going to get me anywhere!
Hi there, my community has a similar page. People actually attack each others prices publicly on occasion! Lol crazy.

I'm sure you know that price is not a deciding factor in everybody's decision making. Some it will be brands used, location, hours, experience etc etc. Keep doing what you are doing and focus on these aspects. Also keep in mind that even if price is a factor, it is not always in a"looking for cheapest option" way. Many will see a higher price and assume a higher quality. Your pricing will gain you the types of clients we want (ones willing to spend money on quality and maintenance) and deter the ones you don't need (bargain hunters, disloyal).

In time you'll have your own loyal following on there raving about you! In the mean time, when you see all of their happy client comments, just remember they NEED five or whatever happy clients to make the same as you do from one.
Thanks for your message. I know all of what you say is right, and I've been thinking all of that before.

How do people honestly make a living doing sets of nails for £10 taking 2 hours plus? Mine are £40 and take an hour and half. I'm not going to state the obvious maths here, but these people are doing themselves out of money, AND TIME! I'd rather do one set a day and sit on my backside for the rest of it than 4 in a day for the same money!

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