Log cabin/shed etc. salon set ups!


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Lovely looking salon, but obviously whether or not you’ll be able to open and be fully operational in 3 weeks time, will very much depend upon the Government’s scope of lifting lockdown measures.
Yes of course.. I mean it will be ready to use. And hopefully once.lockdown is over I can get started . I have a treatment room and also an area for Sun beds.

Hi.im hoping it will be ready to use at least - then I can as it until lockdown is over to start working x


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If anyone is serious about running a business from an out building - I would not have one built of wood!
It will not have the longevity of a brick built - but the cost will still be high - and it will not add value to your home in the long term.
If your business idea doesn’t work out - at least a brick built ‘office’ will have some value if and when you sell your home - a fancy shed will not!
I think it’s still a worthwhile consideration. A well built fancy shed is still much cheaper to buy than a brick based building and should last at least 10+ years with proper maintenance. When selling the house, it will be advertised as a separate hobby/studio (escape from the family) room. :)


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I’m inclined to second the wooden shed idea. A brick building will need footings and therefore planning consent whereas wooden buildings are usually permitted.

You can also repurpose a second hand static caravan, these are surprisingly affordable, and probably easier to take with you when you move!

As with all things, you get what you pay for. Some wooden cabins are very fancy and can often be warmer than a cheaply built brick or breeze block building. I’d definitely insulate well. You’ll be trying to heat the whole world in the depths of winter otherwise and even if the air is boiling the room won’t feel cosy if the walls are cold. An insulated out building, whatever it’s construction will be much more of a sellable feature.

Bearing in mind that renting a room is a minimum of £400 in most areas of the UK, the economics of a garden room are a no brainer.

And maybe look into growing trees or large shrubs (possibly in pots) around the cabin to create shade.