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Jan 27, 2016
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hi all

I am in the process of purchasing a log cabin, can anyone who has one advise what thickness logs they have & did you have to insulate it? Does it feel ok for clients in the winter months?

Many thanks
Hi, I have one I have been in it nearly a year... I can't remember the thickness of mine I want to say 40ml wood

I have been leaving a oil heater on, in my main room then in the morning I flip on tbe fan heaters in the other 3 rooms or whichever room I'm using just to heat it up & take the chill off

Last summer it was like a sauna in there & fans just weren't cutting it - I'm going to get a aircon unit this year
This is mine


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Yours is gorgeous I would love one that big! Think I may go for the 40mm wood & insulate the floor & roof. Do you offer eyelash extensions? I am thinking how will I be able to easily control the temp/humidity if I have to have heaters on, will it be difficult...not sure about that one

I've just ordered mine - gone for 45mm thickness, insulated roof and floor. I was going to insulate the walls and finish with tongue and groove but the delivery driver advised not too. He said they get plenty warm enough with a small heater in. Mine has double doors to the front so in the summer I hope to leave the doors and window open, put a fan on. Mine is not as big as the ladies about and is one main room.
Mine is about half that size 19x14 ft i think. The walls and floor are insulated but not the roof. It's one big room.

I have an electric heater on the back wall with fireproof insulation and am perfectly warm. I do have a fan heater for those days when it's extra cold first thing or I haven't been there for a while.

Any more insulation and I would bake in the summer xx
Just ordered mine, have gone for 40mm thickness 3.5 x 2.5 - hoping it is going to be big enough! x
Just ordered mine, have gone for 40mm thickness 3.5 x 2.5 - hoping it is going to be big enough! x
could I ask where you ordered your cabin from and how much you paid for it, if you don't mind. Thanks and good luck :)

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