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Dec 7, 2014
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So I found a school that you can apply through scholarship. 5 days a week rather then the 2 days a week. It goes fore 15 months rather then 1 year. But I have some concerns. My cousin went to the school and said it was really bad as in the teachers were disrespectful, but she can be negative and can over exagerate. Most reveiws of the school are good but there are a few that support what my cousin said. Other then that the school looks good. (I can blow wave better but I have had more experience in the industry then someobe starting out. They have a good bass for a career how ever).

So A) go for it. Its a schollarship so now loss on me, or B) take some time do some research and visit a few schools.

Just a foot note. This school pays you to work in their salon as well. Its about $5 an hour. They also supply placements. But they dont sound very flexable.

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