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Teagan Bernadette

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Jan 8, 2021
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Hi there! My name is Teagan and when I lost my job due to Covid I was approached by an FM business partner offering me a free opportunity. It's gone amazingly well and now I'd love to offer others the same fab opportunity!

FM are a global brand selling many products including their bestselling designer inspired Perfumes, cosmetics, skin care and home Fragrances. Along with much more. I use them myself and love them!

Would you like to work for yourself from home earning some extra cash?

Completely free to start.

No starter kit required!

And free to leave if it's not for you.

No targets!!

No stock holding! Only order when your customer has paid you.

Free training.

Open to anyone 16+

Perfect for people with an existing customer base/social media following who are currently unable to work.

Get in touch if you'd like more information!
Just curious as to whether this is a MLM business, perhaps you can clarify?
Just curious as to whether this is a MLM business, perhaps you can clarify?

Hi there! Yes it is! You can make money through sales and you can choose to recruit if you would like which is absolutely not mandatory! ☺️

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