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  1. A

    Advice facial specialist

    Hello, I am a beautician of 13 years and am looking to specialise in facials. I already offer a range of facials however are there any companies out there or courses anyone would recommend to boost treatment variation. Any help would be greatly received.
  2. liahhhhnicey

    thick toenails

    hi, so i am due to go on holiday soon and i will be getting the LCN Wilde Pedique on 4 toes on my right foot (big toe and every toe apart from pinky). Sadly i have thick, discoloured toenails due to nails trauma. The toes on my left foot are completely fine. But i want to get all my toes done...
  3. 1

    What advice would you give someone starting off in this industry?

    Hiya! Hope you are all keeping well during this strange time. I will be a level 2 qualified beautician in the next coming months so I am extremely keen to get some tips from all you pro’s about this industry! Salon Geek is full of individuals who have amazing experience and have been in this...
  4. T

    Looking for beauticians across all areas

    Hi there! My name is Teagan and when I lost my job due to Covid I was approached by an FM business partner offering me a free opportunity. It's gone amazingly well and now I'd love to offer others the same fab opportunity! FM are a global brand selling many products including their bestselling...
  5. B

    Opening salon information

    Hi, Me and my friend are opening a beauty salon, we have found a location but I wanted to find out a few things. Are we able to do semi permanent make up and fillers in the same space as nail extensions , we where thinking to get a divider to separate the space? What licensing do we need...
  6. C

    Lash lift patch testing

    What area are you meant to patch test all the lash lift lotions on? And for how long? According to my training it can be behind the ear or opposite side of the elbow, however to me this just doesn’t make sense because the product shouldn’t be touching skin, even when the treatment actually...
  7. N

    Beautician wanted

    I'm looking for beautician wanting to rent a chair in salon in Birmingham (Erdington) Clinic reantal is also avaliable
  8. N

    Getting bikini wax from male beautician?

    Hi..girls I'm getting ready for my wedding day and my beautecian is male. He is best for bridal make up dressing all.. I usually goes to his saloon for normal wax except bikini.. but now I need to do bikini waxing and he offers goodsl reasonable package for makeup and waxing ( Brazilian /...
  9. jen1989cuttie

    Wax pot bucket

    Heya I was wondering if anyone can help me please, I have a Lycon wax pot and it didn’t come with the wax bucket that goes in the wax pot I rang them and they said it’s discontinued and they aren’t getting them in again...the lady said I can get one from Sally’s or Ellisons... i ordered the...
  10. JustStef2016

    Worst job interview

    I just had the worst beauty job interview ever. Not sure whether to cry, feel relived or feel angry . I went for a job in a beauty salon and told them I qualified in 2016, I was a little wary as the owner kept saying she’s fussy and doesn’t take anyone on. I thought I would give it a go anyway...
  11. C

    Need advice: beautician qualifications recognised in Australia

    Hi guys, I am an experienced beauty therapist with over a decade of experience in Hong Kong. I recently moved to Australia and was wondering if my qualifications let me practice in Australia. I have an ITEC, CIBTAC and City & Guilds qualification which are internationally recognised but that...
  12. Sorellehairandbeauty

    Beauty Therapist, Nail Technician, Lash Technician wanted, Bradford

    We have 3 positions available for 1 beautician, 1 nail technician and 1 lash techinican. We have a large Beauty room, beauty bed and a nail table available to rent on a self employed basis in a new busy salon. We are looking for someone full time but open to part time. Own client base is welcome...