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Apr 25, 2015
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I'm currently using ibd gels, I'm having a problem finding 4 colours as they either come with a shimmer or not the colour I expected so I am happy to go to another brand.
The colours I'm looking for is a burgundy, teal, a medium shade of grey and a navy blue.
I think the problem here is that one person's interpretation of 'burgundy' and so on is vastly different from another's!

For example, when I think of Teal, that's a deep blue/green to me. Other people argue that teal is more like a Tiffany blue lol
Why don't you post some pics of the exact shade you prefer of those colours and we can help from there?
Thank you, I never thought of sending pictures of the colours. Probably would help haha sorry. Something like these x


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I use ibd and the colours I have that are very close to the picture you've sent are The Abyss (navy) Patchwork (grey) Plum Raven (burgundy) and Jupiter Blue (teal)....all these colours are really popular in my collection as wel so I think they would be good purchases! Jupiter blue is my absolute fab lol :)

Hope this can help! xx
As above, those are the exact IBD colours I would have recommended also x
Gray- Great Wall of China
Burgundy- breathtaking
Good matches, I would have recommended them too. Love them all, however find Plum Raven needs a few coats for a full coverage. X

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