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looking for staff...????


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Goldie Hawn Geek
Jan 28, 2003
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Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Hi All

my little salon has almost been open for 3 years now (1 Dec). still working on my own but looking to have someone part time and desk-rental person part time to expand.

Based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent - in the most historic part of the town.

It seems to be a struggle to find anyone!

Part time 1: NVQ qualified (or working towards it) in Nails. NVQ2 beauty Therapy.

Part time 2: desk rental. Has own client base with capacity for a few new clients. Using Creative products as the salon is branded this way. percentage rent by negotiation. 1-2-3 days per week to suit.

If you know of anyone in this area - please let them know.

Toodle pip!
Hi there...there is a Recruitment section in the Biz Geek Forum.
Possibly you would be best to post this in there....as it may get lost in amongst all that goes on in this forum :lol:

Good Luck....sounds like a good place to work.
This is a lovely salon and a great opportunity for some lucky geek.

Congratulations on your success Nickie!

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