Looking to learn strength, weakness, distinct points of all major color lines

Hi Guys!

I am a relatively new salesman in this industry who is looking to be truly excellent and helpful to the businesses I serve (Salons).

I'm not a licensed cosmetologist or hair colorist, but it is my goal to become an expert on all of the major hair color lines that exist. I want to know their strengths, weaknesses, and unique behaviors in certain aspects (what its like to work with them).

I have been watching videos on color theory and immersing myself in professional salon culture (websites, magazines, youtube channels, forums) all day

But I am having difficulty finding access to this exact information described above, most internet searches don't turn up anything of real value, and even most of the colorists and educators I am close to have only worked with 1-3 lines max their whole professional career.

I would appreciate it very much if any of you knew where to find this information online somewhere gathered in one place whether it is a forum or something similar, or if you had any other ideas.

thank you,


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Hey Johnny. Love your enthusiasm. Have you looked into local classes? May be a challenge if you aren’t a cosmetologist, but with your honesty and enthusiasm they may be happy for you to attend theory/product knowledge.

Good luck!

Thank you, thats a great idea. I'll start attending color classes often myself