L'Oreal 7.0 still too warm on root for ombre?


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Apr 27, 2010
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Banstead, Surrey
Hi all.. I've been using a loreal or Igora 7.0 on the roots for an ombre but the roots are still too warm, the hair throws out a lot of gold.. Happy to go a shade lighter shall I go for 7.1 or 8.1 and with 6 vol or 9 vol? Any suggestions for a good reliable medium brown/blonde with cool tone? Thanks
Have try tried the cool covers in Majirel. I've not used them. But I know they're available.

Otherwise the high resist blondes might be worth a shot. They aren't supposed to fade back with any warmth. I THINK.

@adamlea87 is the L'Oreal man!
Hi I would try the 7.1 and maybe use 3% if you don't need to lift. It depends on the natural colour but sometime the 6% will bring out warmth.
Thanks @Grace_Hair !! It depends on what base you are working from. If you are lifting you need to neutralise the warmth - if using loreal and the undercoat is as strong as a primary refect then you need to make your mixture 1/2 basic + 1/2 ash tone, or use mixtones or a line like cool cover/ inoa high resist.

If your formula is correct but the results are too warm it means your oxidant is too strong, i.e. use diarichesse rather than majirel/inoa or drop the oxidant strength.

Also if you are ombre-ing be aware of the time you are leaving the root colour on- this can cause brassy results if you dont adjust your formula!

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