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Jul 4, 2012
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Hi geeks, just looking for a few opinions as I'm trying to open up to the idea of using new colours within the Majirel range. For a long time I've used 8.31 and 8, or just base 8 as my tint between foils, for ladies who want a natural looking blonde with all grey completely covered. I've only used these because they are all I was ever advised to use when training! I want to start making use of the full colour range! What do you guys like for your base colours in blondes? Xx
Ps I'm also open to suggestions in koleston, but loreal is my main preference! X
One of my collegues has a lot of blonde highlighted clients, but you know as they become grayer the hair lacks warmth. She runs a colour like diarichesse 9.31 over the roots, and pulls some pieces through. It softely blends in the white hairs and stops it looking flat.

For a target shade such as 8.31 try mixing with 8.03 or 8.3 as your base. Do you find mixing with 8 looks more like a 8.13?

To create a natural looking blonde I would always think of how blonde hair lightens naturally.. the roots are always deeper and cooler and get gradually lighter and warmer through the ends. The top layer has natural highlights and arround the face is extra blonde.

I think if the client was fairer when they were younger it is flattering to make the colour more simular to when they were younger. Balayage can really help to achieve this.

Have you though about using inoa or inoa supreme? Sometimes I feel using a level 8 majirel can look too opaque.

It's hard to give suggestions since each client is different, but I think the most important think is to look at the hair each time and decide what the hair needs. Some times the ends might need more warmth, or more lightness. Or maybe toning down. But I would never just use the same colour every time for the same ammount of time because hair changes through out the year so the formula should reflect this. And also the ends will usually need a different mixture to the roots.

Sorry for rambling on, im sure you already know most of that but it gave me something to do on my break! :)

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Ahh thank you, great advice! I've never mixed 8.31 with 8.3 or 8.03 before, but I imagine that would be lovely! And yes I definitely find the 8.31 and 8 mixture quite flat like an 8.13! I love the sound of the 9.31 richesse too for blending the roots, I'm thinking it probably gives a less solid coverage so it would be nice and soft? So glad you pointed out about adding extra blonde around the face and on top too - I would normally just foil back to back in the standard pattern and wouldn't consider this sort of thing, but I think I need to in order to give my clients the best! Thanks so much x
Also yes I'm interested in trying inoa but my boss doesn't stock it as she's not keen on it. It's something I'd like to try in my home hairdressing on family maybe, as I know it's available online from some warehouses x

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