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We have one client who always has Loreal gelee light ash toner but it's been discontinued!!! Help??

Can anyone suggest something similar? She likes her hair to be a really ash blonde ( more ash than our hairdresser would choose to do on another client!)

Our hairdresser uses wella so would hopefully like a wella substitute. She's tried dialight 9.01 but its not ash enough!

Thank you for any advice xXx


Hiya, by gelee I assume you mean the old can style of diacolours? They have been changed to Dialight. I like 10.12 in dialight, very ashy. I'm not up on wella so couldnt advise you.

Or you could try TIGI Gloss 0/28.

Thats my personal favourites. HTH xxxxx


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Hi amyloutay,
What type of colour does she have? Is the hair pre-lightened?

Dialight is an acidic colour, so it works best on hair with some degree of porosity (e.g. pre lightened) where as Diacolor Gelee was an alkaline colour. She could mix the colour with the 15 vol developer to get more colour deposited into the hair.

There is also a double ash shade 9,11 that can be mixed with the 9,01 if it is not ashy enough. If used on its own it will be grey.

I have attached a picture of the two toners for comparison, when applied to almost-white hair swatches.



Thank you! I'm a nail tech,my business partner is a hairdresser so I'll pass on the replies!
I know the client has her hair really lightened and then the toner applied! I think it's a kinda Barbie doll look she goes for!! It's a bit of a running joke between us and the client that Hayley wouldn't dream of using the same harsh process so often on anyone else! xXx


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Hey I had one client who loved hair hair ashy so i used a 10/0 Wella KP and added 2-4cm of Special mix tone 0/11 or 0/81


You want dialite 10.12 !! Super ash and lush.


we use Majirel 10 1/2.1 as a toner for bleach.. its a lovely ash colour


we use Majirel 10 1/2.1 as a toner for bleach.. its a lovely ash colour
What do you mix it with and what radio? Thank u