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Mar 30, 2013
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Menai Bridge
Hey Geeks!

I'm asking all of you cause your the best ones for advice..

I've started self employed, renting a room in a health & beauty place. They have all sorts here; gym, chiropractor, hair salon, Thai massage, physio (okay you get it.. It's huge!

I do all beauty except massage. But business is very slow to start. I've moved to this city recently, so I've not bought clients with me. I'm right in the centre and just need a little guidance and help. It's only been a month, but there's the added pressure of making ends meet which isn't the case at the moment!

So any knowledge, help and advice would be so grateful cause it's all getting a little disheartening now :( xxx
That is by far the best thread.. Your an absolute saint! Thank you so much!! 😊 😊
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Get networking with the other business owners/managers and see what you can mutually do for one another? How about giving vouchers for manicures to the hair salon, you can take some of her price lists to give your clients etc. maybe ask about having. Quarterly meeting with all the other proprietors and bounce ideas off one another.

All the best!

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