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Oct 17, 2006
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Caerphilly, S.Wales
Hi everyone! It's a long time since I last posted on here! Brief background - trained with a ropey online course 16 years ago but did prac training with a brilliant local nail tech who taught me everything I know and then went on to working for Nails Inc for 9 years as nail tech, manager and regional trainer. Left to help my mum with her business and now I'm coming back, offering gel polish and builder gel. So, I'm stuck because I can't find my certificates, which I need for insurance and buying stock! I've spoken to the college that I trained with and I'm led to believe that ASET qualifications has disappeared so I can't order a copy of my qualification. Is there any courses that anyone is aware of that are quick, easy and cheap that I can complete, to just get a certificate that I can use?
If you google there are loads of online training that are cheap and give you a certification.
I took an online E file course with creative nail and beauty training, and it was so cheap!
I wouldn’t recommend an online course to anyone for people reading this, but I know it’s just for the paper to get insurance etc.

I also worked for nails inc in Manchester…great times but horrible company to work for!

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