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Jul 25, 2013
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Hiya; I was just wondering how long the love shellac kit would take to arrive on average? I'm hoping to order next week and wanting to be ready for Christmas x
I know it depends on stock etc just wondering how long most of you ladies waited xx
I received mine 2 days after I ordered. I know all my other stock comes the next day, but I always order before 11am.
I picked mine up from the fingertips centre last Sunday and my hubby hasn't seen me since! Lol
I'm in Lancashire so best for me is by delivery...I'd collect but would cost me more in fuel...super excited and haven't even ordered...just hoping I get plenty of interest before/over Christmas x
If you are ordering from s2 it will usually arrive 2 working days after you order. A little bit of advice though if you can order it before 4th December. On the 4th the new collection is being released which going by previous launches sends all us techs nutty and we order at the same time, which as you can imagine means a rush of orders for s2. The guys at the square house work like complete nutters to get our orders out as soon as they can but sometimes it does take longer. So if I were you either order before the 4th or wait until 6th or 7th to order xxx

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