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Jan 21, 2013
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Hi I am finding sometimes when carrying out lvl lash treatments I am struggling a bit to seperate individual lashes and was wondering if anyone uses a optivisor and if so if you can recommend which one is best.
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You don't need to separate lashes for lash lift? Just brush them up onto the shields and make sure they are sitting nicely. Or do you mean separate the bottom lashes from the top? x
I've bought one with a light, actually for Extend but haven't tried it yet as its quite uncomfortable. I just got a cheap one from Amazon to try before spending more on a good one if needed.

@elliebee in LVL you are taught to separate all upper lashes on the shield
Can't you separate with the "tool" that's comes in your kit? I presume you mean that you want to "fan" them out when you are adhering them to the shield?

Ok. I have a problem [emoji51] hoping for some advice frm anyone who does LVL or lash lift procedures. Iv ran out of serum to remove the lashes frm the shield (sachet 3) is there an alternative I can use u till my delivery comes?
I've been doing LVL for about 2 years, you can separate/straighten the lashes up onto the shield with the tool that comes into the kit, same as they did in training.
The solution to remove the lashes is the conditioning serum/oil, it's the same serum the customer can buy to keep the lashes conditioned after their treatment, unless you have some retail stock, I can't think of an alternative. They have next day delivery for stock anyway so they should arrive quickly
hi thanks for the replies I was actually wondering if maybe I wasn't seeing the lashes clearly enough when separating them.

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