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I've been doing make up for a while and slowly building up my make up case. I currently use Mac Foundation studio fix, however I saw this
MAC Cosmetics UK | Foundation | Face and Body Foundation | Official UK Site

I need a couple of shades but I was wondering if anyone had advice which 3 perhaps to buy to give me decent range?
When I got mine, I bought C1, C7, N1, N9 and white. So darkest and lightest in each range and White for mixing (pro product but you can order it if you call your order in rather than do it online).


Thank you!! I'm phoning it in as its only way I can use my card!


Ooo, I am about to start building my first kit, I will be doing mainly brides so have decided on MAC face n body and was wondering what colours I should start with.
Please can you tell me if you bought the suggested selection and how you got on?

Or, can anyone else comment on colours please :)

Thank you xXx