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Jul 30, 2003
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South Devon
Hi everyone,
Can you advise me which nail mags are best? Scratch is mentioned quite a lot, would you recommend this mag and is the delivery on time? Had Professional Beauty but took a long whilt to receive first subscription and missed lots of issues.
Thanks for your help.


i've only ever had scratch and it is good why dont u ask your newsagent to order it for you i did although i havent had it latley keep forgetting to collect it.

If you go to gina wallace's website she has got a whole list of mags for you to read.

you need to go into the links.
hope you find what your looking for!
There isn't many UK nails magazines so maybe I'll have a look on Gina's site. I love nail art and wondered if there was much in the magazines. I love the nails submitted on this site, they are all so talented.

Hi Nailglitz,

See my recent post about Professional Nails, I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole, Scratch is much much better and gets delivered on time! J xx
Thanks JoJo,
Scratch mag it is then, I'll phone them Monday. Do they take long to process their subscriptions? Just wondering if I'm in time for August issue or more like September? Impatient or what :lol:
Hi there!

Put it this way I subscribed one week and got my mag the next! they are very quick and efficient and very friendly to deal with!

J xx
I have to say i've subscribed to professional nails and like the mag but sometimes have probs with delivery. I had a sample of scratch and will be definately subscribing to that one when my pro nails one runs out. I just prefer how it is laid out and they are much more customer service orientated.

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