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Apr 15, 2006
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I'm usually a koleston user but liked majerial 6.34 for my hair which was about a copper 7. I've got about 25 ish % white so I used 3/4 6.34 with half 6. How come its turned out a boring ( even slightly ash ) dark toneless colour ???
The neutral 6 would have subdued all of the warmth in the colour.

If you only have 25% white then you could have used the shade on its own, and if you wanted it to be even more true to tone you could have added a few cm of a warmer colour (e.g. 6.45) to the mixture before taking it though the ends since you always loose some of the warmth when going a shade darker on previously coloured hair.

If you really wanted to add in any base when you need more coverage (over 50%) you should use a golden base (6.3/6.03) for the warmer colours.

The only time you would want to add in a neural base to a warm colour like 6.34 is when the undercoat you are lifting to is warmer that the target shade (e.g. if you were a natural 4 and lifted to an orange undercoat you could add in some neutral 6 to stop it looking more like a 6.43).

Maybe you can gently lift some of the colour out with a "bleach bath" mixture and recolour. Hope that helps :)
Ah right ! Should have stuck to what I know ! What about popping a colour fresh over it ?
Ah right ! Should have stuck to what I know ! What about popping a colour fresh over it ?

Hmm it can't hurt, but to be honest I think if you could just shift the smallest amount of tone out of the colour first it will look much better.

Mixing a powder lightener with a really low volume developer within 5 minutes should lift away out of that flat tone, and the colour fresh would probably sit better.
Thank you so much for your replies, really clear :hug:
Just a thought, instead of bleach bathing what about if I just popped on a 6/34 straight over ? Would that put some of the nice copper/red tones in ? As you can prob tell colouring is NOT my strong poin, in actual fact I hate it and can't wait till my daughter has completed level 2 !
I wouldn't colour over with the 6.34 unless you want it darker, I'd stick with the colour fresh or maybe dialight for something a little longer lasting, something in the base 8 range I think there is an 8.34 x
Did you take straight through with base? You shouldn't really take base through as that's when you start to get banding. You could have used 6.34 dialight or richesse through ends x
Hi, thanks for replies

I always do roots first then take through to the ends for the last 5 to 10 mins if a refresh is needed, never had banding in 30 years of hairdressing, thankfully ! It was because I'm a koleston user and used majerial without checking if it mixed the same as koleston, it isnt, ! was informed that base is only needed on over 50% thats what killed the tone, I did 3/4 6/34 with half base, my fault !!!

I've used colour fresh 6/34 its to dark but Il swim without a cap for a while, it'll soon lighten. Without a bleach bath 8/34 wouldn't have done much ? I may be mistaken tho, it may have deposited some tone I guess ?
The base for use with 6.34 is 6.3. Majirel has golden bases as well as cool bases.
Shoulda checked shouldn't I lol ! I looked washed out now ! I might attempt a bleach bath, bleach, 3% and shampoo all equal and stick on 7/34 what do you think ??? Bit scary as my hair is quite long and thick :Scared:
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