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Jul 12, 2010
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isle of wight
I've been desperate for years to do a make up course, but I've not got round to it, I have seen airbase which I love the look of, but I know it's only foundation and bronzer,and quite expensive, (is there a similar cheaper range to this) can someone reccomend a make up range that's reasonable, I'm not apposed to online courses, i did look up the London school of beauty, I'm happy to travel! Can someone help????? Xxx
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maybe do a search on here, and also a search online for make up courses, your local college would do one as well, night class probably, pick a few that you like the sound of and give them a call, ask what the course contents are, whan qualification you receive at the end, and if you are still interested ask for all the details to be sent out to you so you can have a read through. I think make up application would be hard to learn, so many different aspects that are better to be discussed and demo'd for us I think, good luck xx
Yes thank you, I love make up and have lots of ideas obviously I just need a certificate to do on clients! I really love the look of the airbase, and would love to know what other ppl think of it?!?! Xx
I have the kit already and am doing their course in mid november, the course only covers foundation, blush and bronzer though, for insurance purposes I would have thought you would need to do a full make up course have you got a college nearby that you could do an evening class with, from there if its something you have a natural flair for you can let your creative juices flow lol x
Yes but u need to have a beauty nvq to do it and the other one is £250 and she uses Mary Quinn or somthing and it's a middle ages woman who I really don't want to do an old fashioned make up course, I'd rather travel to London, I'm thinking about doing the fresh mineral course, can you let me no how ur air base course goes, I think I will buy it, do you have the home kit? Or the bigger profesional kit?? X
yea, will let you know how it goes, I bought the proffesional kit, good luck with picking your course, if you are willing to travel that opens a lot of other choices, xx
Yes I think I'm gonna do the fresh minerals course and buy the air base kit, and maybe do the days training if I need too, ;) xxx
Hi Lilgemgem

What kind of make up do you ultimately want to do? That will affect what course would be best for you. London College of Fashion, London Muse and the Academy of Freelance Make-up are all London-based and well thought of. The courses tend to be expensive.

If you had a look at courses on the Island I know they do make-up courses at Southampton City College and Eastleigh College - although I haven't done them so don't know how good they are.

Good luck x
I want to do photo shoot make up and wedding make up, would love to do cat walk make up but on the isle of Wight there is no call for that here! I work full time so would rather do an intensive 1 or 2 day course,

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