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Jan 29, 2007
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Essex, Canvey Island
Hey all
Im currently studying level 2 beauty therapy at South East Essex college.
I was ging to progess on to theatrical and media makeup but they took the course away because their wasn't enough interest in the course.
Now i dont know what to do. I would love to do a makeup course, but the only places I can find isin london and cost £22,000, bit to much for a 19 yr old who only works part time.

Does anyone know of any good makeup courses?
Hi, it all depends on how far you would be prepared to travel and how much you have to spend. i did a vtct theatrical & media makeup course at college years ago but then went on to do a course at revelations school of makeup in stockport and it was brilliant really worthwhile
Im thinking of maybe travelling to london or near to Essex
If you were able to travel a little further north, try Retford College (nottinghamshire). The courses used to be LSC funded but i think now they have to charge, not 100% sure on prices but its a lot less that £22000!

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