makeup for childrens pamper parties


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Lavander Rose

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Aug 29, 2007
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Hello everyone.

can anyone tell me were i can get makeup suitable for children from5 yrs upto 16yrs as I am going to introduce makeovers to my price lists very soon but car,nt seem to find anywere that i can buy makeup suitable for children

Im stuck and need some help can anyone advise, much appreciated.
do you not want to use your current makeup range on children then?
I use all natural mineral makeup, the parents seem to like that for there kids skin. I don't spend alot of money on it because it's for birthday parties or day out with mom. I use over the counter mineral makeup for them. BUT... if it for a wedding I use my regular line Bedhed so it will last and stay fresh all day. I hope I helped.:lol:
i would use pop beauty
they have pallets with loads of suitable colours and
u can buy a set for smokey / blues/greens eyes etc
they last allday and give a great colour pigment
u can buy it online pop beauty
i have (day to play £24) with loads of colours
n smokeys eyes £18

its worth a look
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