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Jul 3, 2010
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Hi everyone, im a university student currently studying marketing hoping to continue in the beauty industry for a large company such as benefit! I'm also currently working in a salon and have been for the past four years doing hair but i dont have an NVQ :( does anybody know the fastest way to get an NVQ in makeup so that i can attend more courses? xx
I got my makeup qualification as part of my NVQ level 2. It was a full time course, 3 days a week for 36 weeks. With something like this you would learn some treatments which would compliment makeup, such as eyelash perming, tinting, and facials.

If it is just make-up you want to do, then I know you can do courses just for makeup, but not entirely sure where! We had a demonstration from a woman who was fantastic, she did special effects makeup for Casualty and Holby City, so I would look out for demonstrations like this as they will be able to advise you. Also, if you know of any good beauty schools then you could contact them and once you know what course you want to do, you can try to find one close to you.
If you want to work on a counter many companies like Benefit look more for ability to sell and your personality.I think it is obviously better if you have some background in beauty,but its not essential as they train you in make up application etc anyway.
Hi I think that capital do a make up course that will show you basic, wedding and occational make up. I was thinking of doing it, but probably not till next year. Look at their website under courses. I hope this is what your looking for, I think its about £100 for the day, you dont need any qualifications to do it.

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