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I'm continually thinking of new ways to make more money!!!! (Who isn't? LOL:lol:)

Does anyone make and sell their own products..........initially I was thinking of a few Christmas items; bath bombs, body scrubs, lip balms etc. I thought that I could attend a few Christmas Fairs to sell the products and also have lots of beauty treatment price lists available!!!! Also I could sell the items to existing clients.............put some on the Reception at the HD's I rent a room from.

I've tried to find a supplier of raw ingredients on the internet but not having much luck.............can anyone point me in the right direction?

Also can I just make the products or do I have to get involved with 'Weights and Measures' - also I found one website (can't remember the name) that hold courses in making products but they also said that you have to get the products analysed by a chemist (sounds expensive!) or you could buy ingredients that have already been certified.........any ideas where I could source those?

Any help from fellow geeks would be greatly appreciated.

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firstly yes you do have to use certified ingredients - if you buy from a company that already uses these, then thats fine otherwise it will cost you £75 PER item to get certified (oh the expense). if you want to make your own products for jo public then i would suggest that you make them for diff skin ranges flower, sensitive, dry, oily etc, at these that way you got your back covered, it will also be expensive to get started on this route flower - as i found out, i sell anti-wrinkle creme, (yes it does work) and the cost to make it is unbelievable, and also make sure you put a good mark up on your products, otherwise you wont make any money flower lol - if you want to pm me - feel free, ill help all i can sweetcheeks

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Do you retail anything at the moment?

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Clare where is the course???


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Aromantic do good courses and training, there are many excellent providers of ingredients and information on this. The UKSoaping group on Yahoo is a good place to get info about the legal side of the cosmetics industry for the home business.